Corporate Lunch

These are services rendered to organizations. Food order are based on the 4 week food table provided to the organization thereby solving the problem of eating some meals repeatedly, but exposed to other types of food that will suit their taste.

Food Consultation and Management

We give advices of meals that will suit your occasion and with the help of a dietician provide food that suit health conditions. Based on that we help to plan food menus and food serving effectively and efficiently.

Event and Catering Services

We provide different types of food services that will suit your event as well as plan the event effectively to suit your budget and taste.

Cake and Pastries

We provide you with soft, moist, and delicious cakes as well as other types of pastries.

Coming Soon

Cook Yourself Service

This is the main purpose of Dish L’Afrique and want to commence as a separate service. You can be exposed to the ingredients of bulk meals you want to order, determine the ingredients that will be used and the cooking procedure used. You can cook wherever you are through our social messenger platforms, mobile application or website. You will be assisted by a trained cook in Dish L’Afrique which will prepare it based on your specification, and with the help of our logistics partners, the food will be delivered to you within 24 hours from the order time at a very affordable price. This way, weekend meals and meals for impromptu events can be prepared in a snap. You also have the opportunity to rate the cooks for food quality and service delivery purposes. Cooking starts immediately after payment.

Coffee and Tea Break Service

This is a breakfast buffet ideal for meetings and conferences to receive guests in style. The buffet is set up in a separate room for the convenience of your guests. Brewed Coffee, different types of tea and juice are serviced with finger foods, mini sandwiches, muffins, bread rolls and butter, fresh fruit salad etc.